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Word from the Wolfe Pack | April 30th 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the Wolfe Pack as we recap the last two weeks of EWC action, catch up on all of the breaking news and address the rumors circulating backstage. So sit back, grab a Dr Pepper (and support your favorite EWC brand by doing so!) and let’s take a look at what’s going down on the road to Hardcore Revolution, starting with a recap of Brawl # 595!

Brawl # 595 Recap & Highlights

Brawl opens up in the boiler room, focused on former Undisputed champion Stitches. It isn’t long before he’s greeted by the International champion, King Flip. Flip thanks Stitches for keeping his end of the bargain at Stranglemania, and the two confirm their desires to relieve the current EWC Tag Team champions of their gold. Their unholy alliance meeting is cut short, Chanel arriving as King Flip ushers her away as they leave the boiler room and we head to our contractually obligated EWCTV announcement before the opening match.



Dustin Holt Vs Melinda Rhodes (c)

There’s a flurry of offense to start, chops and kicks but the tide turns in Holt’s favor after a knee to the face and backbreaker put Rhodes down for a 2 count. Rhodes takes some momentum away by turning an arm drag into a sequence ending in a low dropkick for her own 2 count on Holt. The offense gets creative, and after a series of near falls Rhodes sends Holt crashing out of the ropeless ring. Holt gets himself back into the ring, but is met with the Rebel Star Slayer. No ropes means no rope break and before Holt can completely fade, he taps out.

Winner via Submission AND STILL EWC FX Broadcast champion: Melinda Rhodes



Caleb Scott Vs Stitches

Caleb has to hold back his colleague Luke from inserting himself into this match early on, but once it was settled Scott wasted little time in rushing Stitches and colliding hard, sending both men spilling over the top rope. They’re both laying into each other, blood already starting to leak as Stitches begins to take command on a series of headbutts. The entire match is carnage, from each other and themselves as the match begins to draw to a close, Stitches drags Caleb out to the streets to a proper ending to the match. Caleb looks to end it with the final resting place, but a well placed grip by Stitches saves the situation, sending both men to the concrete before Stitches finally secures Caleb in the Carnival Pretzel, forcing the battered Scott to relent.

Winner via Submission: Stitches  



Bathsheba Vs Chelsea Skye Vs Alex “Bullet” Carbajal

Bathsheba rushes Skye immediately, and after a series of strikes between the two it’s Bullet who steps in and ends the back and forth. Bullet is sent to the outside as Skye and Bathsheba continue to duke it out, but Bullet runs interference yet again as she hammers a boot into Bathsheba’s face, going for a second before being thwarted by Father Mathias. As the two continue to fight on the outside, it’s Skye who takes down Bathsheba with a slingblade. She checks on Bullet, but pays the price as Bullet launches an all out assault on Skye. Skye tips the scales in her favor, getting a submission locked in on Bullet. She releases realizing the official isn’t nearby, only to discover Bathsheba clocking her with a cane! Bullet has enough time to recover, hitting Bathsheba with some Sweating Bullets before she nails her with Dios Es Una Bala. Skye is still worse for wear after the cane shot, and Bullet seizes the opportunity and hooks the legs of the Nightmare Angel for the 3.

Winner via Pinfall: Alex “Bullet” Carbajal

As Bathsheba and Father Mathias are finally making their way from the ring post-match, we’re greeted by the International champion King Flip. Flip comes out to make a few announcements in regards to StrangleMania, but he’s interrupted before he can say anything further by Rampage’s Moxie and Amis Shelton! Flip welcomes the two, but the situation quickly devolves as Amis accuses Flip of ducking Moxie, the same way they ducked him all those years ago! Eventually, Moxie snaps and drops King Flip as Amis gets in a few extra shots for good measure, with Moxie letting King Flip know he’ll see more of him on Monday nights before we head to commercial.

After returning from commercial, we meet up backstage with Buddy Love as he introduces Ibuki Ito as the man who’s going to wage war on Brawl! Ito laments King Flip’s antics, and assures Bob Murray that he’s a professional and will do what needs to be done in the ring later tonight and not running around backstage or into the matches of others. He tells Murray that tonight should have been a homecoming in Tokyo, but now he’s all business as he looks to take home his Pound of Flesh to Paramount before we break back ringside..



Ibuki Ito Vs King Flip

Ibuki doesn’t even have time to make an entrance, as the lights don’t even fully come up before he’s pelted by a chair thrown by King Flip himself! Flip manages to get Ito down to the ring, It’s Ibuki getting the upper hand early though, sending a vicious assault on Flip and a chair to the face of Chanel for good measure. After further assault, Ito drops Flip with a DDT out cold but only gets a 2 count as Chanel rips the referee from the ring and plants a kiss on him as a distraction. Ito gets out of the ring, pulling Chanel away before giving chase outside the ring. Ito finally gets both he and the official back in, but the second pinfall too only results in a 2 count as this time Flip powers out on his own, shocking, accord. Ito mounts more offense, but in the final moments of the match as Ito goes for the Kettei-Da, Flip counters into a small package. Ito tries to reverse the positioning, but instead both men end the match with their shoulders on the mat.

Winner via double pinfall: Draw

We cut backstage now to Xavier Reid, Bunny Love, and Tommy Love where they reveal that tonight may well be Xavier’s 100th win in the EWC. Discussions about the night and his potential contract to stay on Brawl commence, ending with Xavier instructing Bunny to stay out of sight, and only to intervene should JoJo Rush get hold of the exploding bat before he does before we fade to our final commercial break.



JoJo Rush Vs. Xavier Reid

The match kicks off before the bell, both men rushing one another.  Both men get in some brutal offense to start, but Xavier Reid is the first one who gets hold of the bat and hits the button to charge it. He’s thwarted by a man in a hoodie, hitting the button to disarm the bat before it can be used on JoJo. They take their hood down, revealing themselves to be Jamie Love from the House! The tide turns in JoJo’s favor now, more onslaught on his behalf before he gets the bat and charges it. Just before it can be ready to go, Bunny Love comes racing down to make the save and disarm the bat herself. The result ends in the bat in Xavier Reid’s groin before JoJo disables the bat completely, before using it to wail away on the X-Division champion until finally the official called for the bell.

Winner via Ref Stoppage: JoJo Rush

Brawl #595 MVP: JoJo Rush

Brawl #595 Match of the Night: JoJo Rush Vs Xavier Reid

Rampage #511 Recap & Highlights



Mechanical Animals Vs Moonshine Inc Vs Vin Havoc & Grizzly Duggan

All three teams begin by trading off blows between each other, the fast paced melee sequence eventually resulting in all three teams trading out partners to try their luck again. The tide would change against Grizzly Duggan however, as Raijin and Jimmy charge the bigger man and get the two on one advantage. Vin Havoc turns the match back in their favor with a steel chair briefly, before it’s his own partner that knocks it away. Duggan returns the favor on Law before Law tags out to Raijin and all havoc breaks loose on the outside. As bodies are flying, Havoc tags himself in on Grizzly Duggan, before the other legal men reenter the ring and its Vin Havoc hitting the Havoc driver on Jimmy Evans for the final 1,2,3.

Winners via Pinfall: Vin Havoc and Grizzly Duggan

After a commercial break, the cameras catch Duggan and Havoc backstage where Havoc demands answers to Grizzly stopping his chair assault. Vin warns Duggan that if he does it again, he’ll burn Rampage to the ground to get back at Grizzly! Duggan just shakes his head, scoffing before heading to his office and we all return ringside.



Delcan O’Connor Vs Jason Anderson

Its a chair kinda night tonight, as this X-Division match starts off with both men trading blows before the chairs come out and make their presence felt. Anderson is bodyslammed onto the chair for a 2 count, before Delcan exits to find a bag of thumbtacks. He tries to put them to good use, but this time it’s Anderson with a sickening superkick to the skull, dropping Delcan for his own 2 count. After a couple more pinning attempts from both men, O’Conner nearly ends the match after a violent sit out powerbomb into the thumbtacks, but Jason powers out and manages to evade O’Connor’s attempt to hit Diamond in Your Eyes. Jason catches Delcan flush with B.J.A and O’Connor is OUT as Jason goes for the final pinfall attempt of the contest.

Winner via Pinfall: Jason Anderson

Shortly after the match ends, we cut to a video package of Ace Heart standing by with Mercenary after his loss at Stranglemania. Mercenary is honest about his disappointment in losing to Lavender, admitting that he’s not sure where to go from here or if he’ll even enter the upcoming BORT. He also confirms he’s heard the words from King Flip and has no intentions of letting those actions go unpunished, but he first has some personal business he needs to attend to in Tennessee and his spot in the BORT and future on Rampage remains to be seen.



Luke Saito Vs Lavender

The two open up with a game akin to cat and mouse, until finally it’s Lavender who gets hold of Luke and ties him up with a simple arm lock to kick things off. Both combatants get a near fall on the other, before Saito gets Lavender tied up in an inverted Indian Deathlock. Lavender manages to get to the ropes to make an escape, but Luke doesn’t let up as he launches himself out of the ring where she’s trying to regain her composure. Lavender sees him coming, doing all she can to grab hold and redirect his momentum down into a DDT that sends Saito sprawling and Lavender banging into the guardrail on impact. It takes until a 5 count for Lavender to get back into the ring, Luke skating back under the bottom rope just in the knick of time, but his delay proves costly as Lavender pounces once he’s back in the ring, tying up Saito with the Fragile Serene and getting the victory.

Winner via Submission: Lavender

After the match, both competitors would show their respects to one another, but not long after it would be Jason Anderson making an appearance to confront Lavender. Anderson makes a point that his goal is to enter the Insanity Cage at Night of Champions, and the only way to do that is to either beat Moxie in the BORT for the EWC HBO Broadcast championship… or Lavender for her EWC United States championship. Lavender concedes she understands his desire, but his desire for the Insanity Cage is nothing compared to her desire to continue the impressive lineage of the United States championship by being the first to win BORT in consecutive seasons. The segment ends with Lavender turning to Jason’s own daughter in the audience, saying that his daughter’s belief in her is more like nothing she’s ever experienced, and she doesn’t plan on letting her down, not even for her own father’s success before we break for commercial.



Andrea Hernandez Vs Phoenix Winterborn

Andrea starts things off quick, evading a clothesline and hitting Winterborn with a crossbody. She goes for an early pin, but Phoenix kicks out and ends up planting Hernandez with a DDT of his own for a pinning attempt. He gets a 2, and the two trade attempts at a side suplex before Hernandez takes down Winterborn with an uranage. She only gets a 2 count, and goes for a backbreaker that results in two more attempts to end the match, only getting a 2 count either time. Winterborn gets his second wind though, now putting Andrea through her paces as both a falcon arrow and Phoenix Down only result in a 2 count a piece as well. The complexion of the match finally changed after Winterborn went for a moonsault and caught nothing but mat, and Andrea was able to capitalize with the Rise of the Phoenix for the 3 count.

Winner via Pinfall: Andrea Hernandez

We head backstage following the match to see Maria Love in Grizzly Duggan’s office, looking to negotiate a contract for Xavier Reid on the green brand. Duggan appears skeptical, and Maria asks if Duggan would consider signing Reid onto Rampage and entering him into the BORT. Duggan rejects the suggestion, as he wouldn’t be a signed Rampage star by the opening of the tournament due to his contract extension on Brawl thru Hardcore Revolution. Maria continues to try and negotiate, but it’s Duggan who cuts her off and tells her if Xavier is truly interested in coming to Rampage – he needs to do so himself so they can all have a sit down meeting, otherwise she needs to leave. We end on Maria being escorted out by security before returning ringside for our next match.



Chris Page Vs Moxie (C)

The pace out the gate here is insane, Page immediately attempting to get Moxie into a sleeper hold but the result ends up in a multitude of chops and boots, finally culminating in Page hitting Moxie with a Death Valley Driver for a 2 count. Following a pump handle slam, Moxie gets a 2 count, but not before being distracted by King Flip ringside. The distraction pays dividends for Page, who catches Moxie clean with a superkick as he’s focused on Flip but Moxie manages to avoid further damage by getting hold of Page and dropping him down with Moxie’s Crash Landing for a 2 count. Flip continues to egg on Amis Shelton ringside, and it nearly costs Moxie the HBO championship as Page drops Moxie with Titletown! Moxie barely gets his shoulder up, and Page tries to lock the Elite lock on Moxie. Moxie gets to the ropes, and Page argues with the official about the rope break before Moxie catches Page in the lower back with a forearm, following up with Moxie’s Endgame to retain.

Winner via Pinfall AND STILL EWC HBO Broadcast Champion: Moxie

We cut backstage post-match back to Duggan’s office yet again, where he’s greeted by one of Rampage’s newest members, Cassius H Kissinger. Kissinger gives a basic promo, promising to perform the duties of a superhero on Rampage to his best abilities, before wooshing away as Duggan is left reminding himself that he signed up for this as GM before we head to commercial break.



“The Love Child” Jamie Love Vs King Flip

Jamie Love kicks things off with a flurry of offense that ends up sending Flip out onto the outside, and Jamie rockets himself into both Flip and Chanel as all three sprawl over the floor. The match turns brutal, as not only Chanel is getting involved but so is Sara. Flip pummels Love with his International title and Chanel whips out the fire extinguisher to try and turn the tides in favor of Flip. The King takes control, hitting his signature pele kick but he fails to capitalize and soon both Moxie and Amis Shelton make their presences known at ringside. Love pelts Flip with shots from a kendo stick, but Flip finally manages to roll away right as he swings and Love catches Amis in the face by accident. Chanel and Sara wind up fighting toward the back, their own melee broadcast on the Extreme-Tron as both men look to end this fight quickly to attend to matters in the back. Love catches Flip with the kendo stick again, looking like the match would be turning in his favor but Flip finds the energy to smack Love into the ring post before locking in KNEEL and Love has no choice but to submit.

Winner via Submission: King Flip

Rampage #511 MVP: Moxie

Rampage #511 Match of the Night:  Chris Page Vs Moxie

Prime #106 Recap & Highlights

We open up Prime 106 with a video taken earlier in the day, where Gabi Vee and the current EWC AMC Broadcast champion Callie Clark have a few words in the parking lot. Callie dismisses Gabi’s opportunity at the AMC championship and warns her to stay out of her way later tonight. Gabi takes a shoulder check from Tori, sending her into a crowd of fans in the parking lot as Callie and Tori exit, reminding Gabi Vee that she’s not the same woman she was when they used to face off back on Brawl.



Emiko Okita Vs Sunny Skye Vs Gabrielle Visconty

Our opening match saw some brilliant work between all three women as they kept the match fast paced and hard hitting. As the match wore on, a flurry of false finishes ended up leaving all three women testing their endurance as Gabrielle hit the Angelrana on Emiko Okita, but it was Sunny Skye who snatched victory away, pulling Gabrielle off of Emiko and hitting a Heartbreaker on Gabi before taking advantage of the fallen Emiko.

Winner via Pinfall: Sunny Skye

After match one, we head backstage where Prime GM Jordan Sharpe has called his niece Saidie to his office, to address the rumors about her stealing money from Prime! Saidie claims innocence, after being unable to empty the pockets she doesn’t have and GM Sharpe admits he knows Saidie isn’t doing anything illegal. In fact – Jordan is SO sure that Saidie isn’t stealing from Prime that he announces he’ll be fining EWC AMC Broadcast champion Callie Clark in the amount of $150,000!  Saidie suggests Jordan add another $20,000 to the fine, and he agrees before congratulating Saidie on her Hellevator win at Stranglemania before we head back ringside for our second match on the night.



Damage Inc Vs The House (Jack Severn & Jamie Love)

The former EWC Tag Team champions came out swinging to start it off, Jack Severn trying to take Malice off his feet with a series of lariats that just don’t get the job done. A blind tag from Jamie Love results in the first pinfall attempt that doubles as an attempt to recreate the moon landing as Malice kicks out with enough authority to send Jamie Love completely over the official! Jamie manages to wrangle the newly tagged in Mayhem into the Love Lock but after a conveniently timed distraction, Bedlam Briggs makes his presence felt as he clocks Jamie Love with a sucker punch to break the hold. Things quickly deteriorate from there, as Malice and Severn both reenter the match but ultimately it’s Damage Inc hitting the Nail Gun before Malice gets the pinfall over the house leader, Jack Severn.

Winners via Pinfall: Damage Inc

We return backstage where the manager to the S-Factor, Crème runs into Dalilah Ashe. Dalilah is furious with the dealings going on between Scorpio and Gabrielle, particularly after Dalilah failed to secure the win at Stranglemania for the opportunity at the EWC AMC championship that ultimately landed with Gabrielle. Crème assures her that everything is on the up and up before dismissing a very frustrated Ashe.

After a brief commercial, we return to see the NEW EWC Undisputed Champion and the NEW EWC Tag Team Champions, Narumi Tsutsumi and “Headhuntress” Aiya in the ring. Narumi reveals she will no longer be eligible to cash in her rematch for the Indy championship, but given her new success she’s not upset about that! She and Aiya then remind everyone that tag teams composed of singles stars have succeeded in the past, and they plan on following in those footsteps as champions, taking every match as seriously as a tag team match including their one later tonight. 



Nevaeh Vs. Dalilah Ashe

We return from a commercial break for match four, and neither woman even gets into the ring before the bell sounds and they’re after it. The match instantly spills into the audience, and Nevaeh is busted open early by Dalilah who eats a boot to the midsection before Nevaeh tosses her back over the barricade toward the ring. The violent back and forth slows down as Dalilah locks in a figure four on Nevaeh, but Nevaeh manages to free herself with the help of the ropes. Dalilah gets a 2 count, but it’s Nevaeh who comes back with a well placed shot to Dalilah’s kidneys courtesy of Heaven’s Helper, and it seals the victory for Nev.

Winner via Pinfall: Nevaeh

We head backstage, welcoming the Brawl International Champion King Flip as he’s aptly dressed for the main event later tonight, clad in plaid as a true lumberjack! He waxes on about Georgia James before closing out on our backstage segment by entering the locker room of Prime’s Aeon Khronos before we head back ringside.



Bloody Sureiyāzu Vs Moonshine Inc

Jimmy comes out the gate hot, overpowering Aiya and looking for a quick victory. His plans are halted after the kick out, and Aiya reverses a suplex into a DDT for a pinning attempt of her own. The back and forth continues, eventually Moonshine Inc getting the double team on the Undisputed champion. As Matt goes to hit the Drunk Shot, Aiya trips him up and gives Narumi the room to escape the torture rack and flow into an arm drag, her and Aiya executing the Midnight Kill as Narumi covers Jimmy while Aiya runs interference on Matt to lock down the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Bloody Sureiyāzu

We head backstage next where Buddy Love is prepping to meet with Jordan Sharpe about bringing Xavier Reid and the X-Division championship to Prime. The meeting never comes to fruition however, as Buddy is instead accosted by Crème who convinces him to walk and talk about the shared problem of Xavier Reid and Scorpio.. The House. As they exit, we return ringside for our next matchup.



Lila Rue Vs Scorpio

Scorpio comes out swinging, but its the plucky upstart Lila Rue who ducks the clothesline attempt and sets herself up for the first pinfall attempt of the contest. Scorpio kicks out, but Lila hits a series of moves trying to target the knee of the S-Factor. After some back and forth, the knee seems okay as Scorpio nearly ends it with a hurricanrana followed by a Fuck You Europe for good measure. Lila somehow manages to kick out in the knick of time, following it up with an impressive Glittercrash, but it can’t keep Scorpio down. Lila attempts a Last Dance, but Scorpio blocks and pushes her aside, giving him room to hit the AGR and seal the deal.

Winner via Pinfall: Scorpio

Backstage, a defeated Jack Severn is enraged over his loss earlier in the night. He promises Alastor that he’s not quitting on the House, but he needs some space. Alastor begrudgingly relents, telling Jack he’ll inform the others and ensures he’ll have someone looking after him as he takes a month long sabbatical in Chicago. We end on Jack shutting off his phone, looking troubled before we return ringside.




Alyson Cross Vs Calle Clark (c)

The ring is absolutely surrounded, and we get off to a slow start with the crowd, the lumberjacks, and the competitors all jockeying for the spotlight. Callie finally gets hit from behind as Alyson sends her into the ropes and right into a headbutt from Amber Lisa Hall! Cross attempts a quick pin, but comes up short. From here, its absolute pandemonium. Chaos ensues all around the ring, the House, the Shinijoshi, King Flip, Stephanie Matsuda, Autumn Raven, the Lone Wolves, and more all turning the main event into a melee to remember. As bodies were left in the wake of the match, it’s Callie Clark who locks in Excelsior and forces Alyson Cross to tap out.

Winner via Submission AND STILL EWC AMC Broadcast Champion: Callie Clark

Prime #106 MVP: Scorpio

Prime #106 Match of the Night: Nevaeh Vs. Dalilah Ashe

Paramount #30 Recap & Highlights

We open up the show with Chris Brock giving everyone an update on Marcu$ $t John and throwing barbs at King Flip for his hand in the actions that put Marcu$ on the shelf at StrangleMania. He ends the segment by promising the crowd that Uprising is just around the corner and he’s going to put together the best Uprising in Paramount’s history before we head to an advertisement for EWCTV.

When we return, we meet Lisa Goldrush and Nika Kosov backstage, as Nika prepares for the opening bout of the night. Kosov insists she’s got what it takes to take on both Shaker Jones and JoJo Rush, sending the latter a distinct warning that she’s ready for anything he can throw at her tonight.



JoJo Rush Vs Nika Kosov Vs Shaker Jones

The match quickly turns into a 2 on 1, Kosov and Jones both directing their attention to the larger man from Brawl. It works in their favor momentarily, but their plan quickly turns sour as JoJo attempts a big swing on Jones and takes Kosov along for the ride as she jumps on his back in an attempt to stop the swing. Shaker comes back at Rush first, and eats a Rush-Buster for his troubles, but it gives Nika the opening for a takedown into some ol’ fashioned MMA ground and pound action. Rush attempts to get to his feet, the strikes turning into more of a sleeper hold before he gets himself free and chops at Kosov. He goes to strike again, but the smaller woman catches him off guard as she looks like she enjoyed it! The brief short circuit in the big man is enough for Shaker to grab Rush from behind for a roll up. Things go south from here as Kosov breaks up the pin and the alliance quickly falls to shambles. Nika and Jones start trading blows, Jones looking to capitalize as he clobbers Kosov with the 87. In the end though itts Rush who comes through with a devastating lariat that takes down Shaker before tying him up in the House special as Jones has no choice but to submit.

Winner via Submission: JoJo Rush 

As we come back from commercial, the former X-Division champion El Pablo makes his way out to a warm reception from the Boise crowd. The technicolor technico shocks the audience, telling the sold out crowd that despite his hall of fame worthy run as X-Division champion, he has no intentions of cashing in his rematch clause on his half-brother Xavier. Instead, he tells Chris Brock that he wants to face Narumi Tsutsumi for the Undisputed championship and that he’ll do whatever he has to in order to secure himself that opportunity!

As El Pablo exits, we cut backstage to where an Apple TV+ executive has tracked down Bunny Love, and makes it clear that the suits upstairs want nothing more than to bring the X-Division championship and FSW alum Xavier Reid back to Paramount. The execs push the issue, leaning into Bunny’s relationship with Xavier and her professional obligations already on Paramount. Bunny has no chance to say anything before the exec excuses himself before we head back ringside. 



Chris Miller Vs Kolby Kreel Vs Tanja Devereaux

This triple threat doesn’t start off with any alliances like our last one, and its Kreel who evades a big boot from Miller, who instead catches Tanja so hard it sends her outside the ring early. Miller attempts an early pin on Kreel who kicks at 2, and Tanja makes her way back into the match. She gets in a flurry of offense on Miller, getting her own 2 count before Kreel breaks the count. Kreel gets in a stream of offense, attempting to end it but this time its Miller saving the matchup. After several more similar near falls, the Cajun gets the upper hand as she drops Kreel ONTO Miller with Voodoo before covering Miller for the 3 count.

Winner via Pinfall: Tanja Devereaux

We see a video package beginning on the ExtremeTron, as an ad plays for a JoJo Rush’s feature ‘The Gold Rush’ as he continues to grind out, looking for an opportunity to take on Xavier Reid. The Paramount tag team Next Level appears in a brief interview before the trailer ends and we head to commercial.

After the commercial break, we’re backstage with Bunny Love and 3Pac, who have their Burger King manager Steve on the phone. Bunny is irate that the team plans on taking the advice of Steve over her, but the boys of 3Pac are convinced that they’ll succeed on Steve’s advice since he was around to talk shop when she wasn’t. As 3Pac exit, Steve tries to tell Bunny he has ideas for Xavier too before she turns the phone over and walks off to join 3Pac on their way to the ring for the next matchup.



Damage Inc Vs 3Pac

We start off with the momentum on the side of the larger Damage Inc, a series of moves ending with Damage Inc pulling off some impressive tag team work before getting a 2 count on Danny. Danny tags in Deimos and the two begin to put their plan into action, working over Malice and getting a 2 count on their end. Back and forth action continues, both teams breaking up pinfalls to preserve the match as it wears on. Mayhem nearly pulls the victory off with a surprise school boy on Deimos, but 3Pac work their tag team magic as Mayhem runs right into the Pac drop from Danny, as Deimos makes the cover while Danny runs interference on Malice to end the match.

Winners via Pinfall: 3Pac

After the match concludes, the ExtremeTron lights up with Paramount GM Chris Brock. He says he’s back tonight to right a wrong, and that wrong is 3Pac being omitted from the tag team championship match at StrangleMania! So instead, 3Pac is getting their opportunity and it’ll be against the EWC Tag Team champions, Bloody Sureiyāzu, on Uprising May 24th!

As we fade from Chris Brock’s office, the ExtremeTron shows us backstage as Lisa Goldrush is attempting to catch up to none other than FSW Alum and former Undisputed champion, Melody Malone. Malone is vague about her intentions on Paramount, but insists she has business to attend to and a message to send. She doesn’t divulge any further, but dismisses Lisa as she makes her way into Paramount GM Chris Brock’s office as we head to commercial.

Upon returning from commercial, we’re backstage again but this time we’re joined by Buddy Love and the Ace of Paramount – Ibuki Ito! Ito cuts down his opponent for tonight, Darna Dare, while also declaring for all of Paramount, and Chris Brock to hear, that he’s wanting to be considered as the challenger for Salvation and the North American championship at Uprising! He says tonight against Darna Dare will be his audition for the role, looking to crown himself the top star on Paramount with the championship to prove it before we head back ringside.



Darna Dare Vs Ibuki Ito

Darna starts off fast, interrupting Ito’s entrance with a headbutt before we’re off to the races. Buddy Love catches a backhand for his troubles, but is soon joined on the floor outside the ring as Ito hauls Dare right over the top rope himself. Both competitors reach a 5 count from the official before getting back into the ring, Ito with a quick dropkick into a pinning attempt gets a solid 2. Dare immediately counters into a small package for a 2 of her own, before Ito stacks Darna and nearly swipes the 3. Dare ducks a backhand from Ito, countering with a sickening one of her own but her attempt at her Monkey Eating Eagle Splash ends in Ito evading the Rampage superstar and Dare eats canvas. Ito jumps into the zone, a flurry of offense as Ito drops her down with Konbanwa and locks in the signature rear naked choke to call this match in his favor.

Winner via Submission: Ibuki Ito

Following the match, Chris Brock reappears on the ExtremeTron, to give the people an answer to Ito’s request before this last matchup. Chris Brock acknowledges Ito’s performance, not only granting him the shot at “Salvation” Salvador Serenity for the EWC North American Championship but declaring that this match will indeed be the main event of the fast approaching Uprising! The crowd breaks into a ‘You Deserve It’ chant for Ito as we head to commercial break.

After the break, we return backstage with Lisa Goldrush outside of the Shinijoshi locker room to meet up with none other than the new EWC Undisputed Champion Narumi Tsutsumi! She admonishes King Flip for his hand in injuring Marcu$ $t John, whom she pinned to win the championship, but assures Paramount that she’ll be around more often as a fighting champion and that both she and her Bloody Sureiyāzu teammate Aiya will be making the rounds too as the EWC Tag Team champions and they’ll do all they can to ensure that King Flip and Stitches don’t succeed after their concerted effort to take out Paramount’s former North American champion as we head back ringside.



“The Beautiful Battleship” Sonya Vs “Salvation” Salvador Serenity

Salvation takes an early advantage, a series of shoulder blocks into a suplex that gets an early 2 count. He attempts to continue the pressure, but Sonya maneuvers an armbar into a DDT and brings the momentum to her side, a series of moves leading to an atomic drop that’s followed by a brutal lariat that nearly ends it. The two trade near falls, and Salvation looks to have the match won after a DDT – looking to apply the Foxhole, but its Sonya who powers free, spinning Salvation into position to drive him down with a Ruby Buster before getting the 3 count.

Winner via Pinfall: Sonya

We return backstage where Lisa Goldrush is in a sit down interview with King Flip. The two bring up everything from King Dong, to the International championship contender Melinda Rhodes, to Tanja Devereaux, and finally ends on a blistering rant against his upcoming opponents, the Next Level where he promises them if Aquilla tags him in tonight? It’s all over for the House members. Before Lisa can ask anything else, Flip removes his mic and walks out and Lisa turns it back over to our team ringside.



Adrianna Aquilla & King Flip Vs Next Level

Aquilla starts off for her team, avoiding a power struggle with Mark as she sends him down to the mat with a series of short arm clotheslines. She sends down a series of stomps, but eventually a hot tag to Brian brings in the fresher man who clobbers her with a springboard dropkick. The ring tilts in Next Level’s favor as they bring the hurt down on Addy, locking her into a submission that ends in a rope break. Aquilla gets a second wind, the team of Next Level arguing with the official about the rope break before Addy sends superkick after superkick into their faces and both men end up outside. Aquilla points to her tag partner before flying out of the ring to continue the assault before she gets Mark back into the ring for a 2 count. Next Level regains their composure though, and Aquilla is a sitting duck as upon being thrust back into the ring by her partner, Flip abandons Addy to the Next Level, as both men hit their combination finisher Game Over, to net their first win on Paramount.

Winners via Pinfall: Next Level



Sueñe El Molde Vs “The Last Magician” Sally Talfourd (C)

Sueñe comes out hot, but Talfourd is all over his offense, evading a superkick and ducking an enziguri before a quick school boy. This kicks off a series of quick near falls between both, finally ending in the champion attempting a dragon sleeper. Sueñe manages to break the hold via a powerslam, resulting in a weak 2 count. Talfourd comes back with a dragon whip, stacking up Sueñe but only getting another 2. This leads into both rolling about the ring, trading pinfall attempts. The match draws out longer, each superstar hitting a series of moves, neither being able to quite put the other one away. Sally hits Either Or, nearly securing the victory but Sueñe kicks out at the very last moment. It’s Sueñe’s turn now, grabbing for Talfourd to hit Dust Cloud Explosion but the Last Magician pulls one final trick out of her hat, evading his grasp and leaping from the corner with High Hopes, landing flush with the springboard moonsault for the 3.

Winner via Pinfall AND STILL EWC APPLE TV+ Broadcast Champion: Sally Talfourd

Paramount #30 MVP: Ibuki Ito

Paramount #30 Match of the Night: Damage Inc Vs. 3Pac

Coming Soon! Matches to set your DVR for!

Brawl #596 – Unsanctioned ShenanigansGabrielle Visconty Vs Cyrus | In Gabrielle’s first match back on Brawl after being fired in the season opener by Timothy Kahrs, she’ll be seeing a familiar face in the returning former Undisputed and International champion, Cyrus Black! Gabi’s unceremonious dismissal from Brawl means the red brand won’t sanction this one, but you can’t imagine there’ll be no love lost between these two former rivals. 

Rampage #512 – Grudge Match – Queen Melody Malone Vs Moxie | The current HBO champion is slated to go one on one in a non-title match against the Queen Melody Malone! Their brawl over the US Title on Rampage two years ago might’ve died down, but the heat will be on as Moxie tries to maintain momentum going into the BORT and the Queen tries to regain her composure after failing to retain her Undisputed championship at StrangleMania for the second time.

Prime #107 – A Faithful Chance! “Headhuntress” Aiya Vs Stephanie Matsuda | Former Brawl superstar and one time X-Division champion Stephanie Matsuda makes her return to the EWC as the newest signee of Prime! She won’t be getting an easy welcome back into the ring though, as not only is the Prime Baconator Bounty set on her, but she’ll be one on one with a formidable opponent in her own right, and one half of the EWC tag team champions in “Headhuntress” Aiya.

Paramount #31 – Triple Threat Title ShotAdriana Aquilla Vs Sueñe El Molde Vs Tanja Devereaux | Tanja Devereaux looks to build more momentum going into Uprising after her victory on Paramount 30, but with a shot at the EWC Apple TV+ Broadcast championship at the upcoming Paramount pay-per-view on the line, you can bet Adriana Aquilla and Sueñe El Molde will have something to say about giving the Cajun an easy path back to the championship she’s seeking.


The B.O.R.T Returns! 

The B.O.R.T – or Best of Rampage Tournament – returns to EWC airwaves at Rampage 512, and we here at the EWC Network have the exclusive scoop on just what you can expect with this year’s tournament.

Rampage 512 will see Round 1, where eight superstars will compete to be seeded 3-10 for Round 2. Lavender, the EWC United States champion and Moxie, the EWC HBO Broadcast champion will be awarded byes as Seed 1 and Seed 2 respectively.

Round 2 on Rampage 513 will consist of five singles matches, seeing Lavender squaring off for the United States championship against the 10th seed, while Moxie defends the HBO Broadcast championship against the 9th seed. The remaining six will compete to see who else advances into Round 4 alongside the HBO and United States champions.

Round 3 on Rampage 514 will consist of a fatal 5 way of the losing competitors from Round 2, the winner filling the sixth seed spot for Round 4.

Round 3 will also feature all of the winners of Round 2, with serious seeding implications. If either champion is pinned, they will not only win that championship but ALSO take that champion’s seed position in the next round. Likewise, if a non-champion is pinned by a non-champion who has a lower seed in the next round, the winner will take that person’s seed position for Round 4 as well.

Round 4 will see three standard singles matches, seed 1 taking on seed 6, seed 2 taking on seed 5 and seeds 3 & 4 competing against one another.

The B.O.R.T finals cap off at Scars and Stripes where all three winners from Round 4 will compete in a triple threat finale. The two fall finish match begins with a 30 minute reverse iron man triple threat, where whoever is pinned, submitted, or disqualified the most times in the 30 minute window will be eliminated. The second fall is a falls count anywhere no DQ match. The three losers from Round 4 will also compete in a triple threat match at Scars and Stripes to determine the final placing in the BORT. The winner will be crowned as 4th place, the unpinned entrant will be 5th, and the person taking the pinfall or submission will finish in 6th.

The B.O.R.T prize pool is as follows:

1st Place – B.O.R.T III Winner, leaves United States and HBO Broadcast Champion (HBO will be vacated the next day), Undisputed Championship Match @ UNCENSORED 2023. 1 Million Dollars. 

2nd Place – United States Championship #1 Contender. 750 Thousand Dollars. 

3rd Place – HBO Broadcast Championship #1 Contender. 500 Thousand Dollars. 

4th Place – HBO Broadcast Championship #2 Contender. 400 Thousand Dollars. 

5th Place – HBO Broadcast Championship #3 Contender. 300 Thousand Dollars. 

6th Place – HBO Broadcast Championship #4 Contender. 250 Thousand Dollars. 

7th-10th Place – 150 Thousand Dollars

There’s a Hardcore Revolution brewing!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled news and rumors blurb to deliver a message from the desk of Interim General Manager of BRAWL, Timothy Kahrs:

“I hope you’re as excite for Hardcore Revolution 2023 as I am, BRAWL fans! This Monday we’ll be coming to you live from the MVP Arena in Albany, New York with some big news regarding the BRAWL exclusive Pay-Per-View event emanating from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles…but I wanted to sneak ahead of those announcements to break some news here and now!

The first announcement is in regards to the EWC International Championship. We saw a new number one contender rise up at StrangleMania when Melinda Rhodes climbed that ladder and took what belonged to her. Off the back of that, I can now confirm that this match has been made official for Hardcore Revolution as she challenges King Flip for the EWC International Championship.

The other big question going into our ‘go-home’ show is who gets a crack at the EWC X-Division Championship? Well, I have an answer for you…after picking up a win via ref stoppage two weeks ago, JoJo Rush has proven himself to be a very viable contender, and in light of recent events it seems only fitting that JoJo Rush challenges Xavier Reid for the EWC X-Division Championship at Hardcore Revolution!

Two big title matches now scheduled, with some important twists coming this Monday night when the stipulations are announced and finalized LIVE in Albany. See you there!”

Intern Note: Please leave ‘excite’ unedited, Timothy deserves that much. Still owes me for the spilled coffee.

The Express Back on Track!

Some have been asking, what have Bobby Rose and Jimmy Lane been up to since their retirement at last year’s WrestleFest? Has it been women or booze…well I recently caught up with Bobby Rose who told me this other half went under the knife in January…

“Yeah Jimmy went in and got his knee and hip replaced…he’s part cyborg now, ‘more machine than man’…”

It was well known that towards the end of The Southern Express’s run in the EWC Jimmy Lane was hampered due to injuries…

“Yeah he was breaking down, bone on bone in the knee and his hip was shot but the doctors took good care of him and I convinced the nurses to give him TWO sponge baths a day and I even got one from time to time…thank God for Medicare right…”

As for what’s keeping them busy in their ‘Golden Years’ Bobby tells us they cut a deal with Apple TV Plus…

“Yeah, Jimmy and I have been named Executive Producers on the show based on our Best Selling Book The Express, which is filming its third season in our hometown of Nashville. As many know, we welcomed Jensen Ackles and Ian Somerhalder into the lead roles ahead of Season 2 due to contract issues when Corey Striker and Noah Hunter signed with a major wrestling company and have been thrilled with Jensen and Ian’s performance as Jimmy and myself and of course Paul Reubens returned as Tommy Love. We have also moved networks, moving from the Dawson Creek loving CW to the more edgy Apple TV Plus because let’s face it…we need to be able to deal with the more ‘risky’ parts of our book without neutering the damn story so we don’t offend the audience…”

And in other casting news…

“We finally cast the legendary Miss Sunshine after months of auditions and one misunderstanding that let us have a nice conversation with Apple’s HR department, but we are happy to announce that the talented Emma Roberts has signed on to fill the role of one of the iconic 80’s valet and we look forward to working with her…and I know Jimmy is hoping she brings her famous aunt to the set…”

Many were wondering if they have been keeping up with the EWC…

“Oh yeah, we’ve been watching…we had a few people over for StrangleMania and really enjoyed most of it, we weren’t fans of seeing Xavier and El Pablo fighting but hey, we can’t have it all right…”

Their views on Bloody Sureiyazu…

“Outstanding and worthy team, we had our dust ups with Narumi and Aiya over the years but we wish them the best of luck as the new EWC Tag Team Champions and hope they continue to hold the tag team division up to the high standards we raised it to…”

And we had to ask the question every EWC wrestling fan wants to know, ‘Will we see them in the ring again’…

“Oh lord…we just retired, Jimmy is still in rehab, I think we will enjoy the next chapter in our lives and maybe start families…you know settle down with ONE good woman and make the next great tag team…or at the very least someone to feud with JFS…little Jordan Frank Sanders of course…”

New jobs, finally healthy and the prospects of family life, it seems The Express is full steam ahead in 2023…

A Prime Time Announcement Coming Soon!

Prime GM Jordan Freakin’ Sharpe has announced that coming live from Hawai’i, there’s going to be a special announcement at Prime 107. World Wide is on the horizon, and many are speculating that the announcement may have significant implications leading into Prime’s premiere pay-per-view.

Media Tour Information

As the brands lead into Pay-Per-View season, Hardcore Revolution will come to you live from Los Angeles from So-Fi Stadium on May 15th, but the festivities will kick off even sooner as the Los Angeles Boys and Girls club will be hosting Eleos Affect as team captains in a charity kickball game a few blocks from So-Fi at Sentinel Field. 

Brawl is also reporting that a silent auction will be taking place at Hardcore Revolution with the proceeds going toward a new scholarship endowment to the Los Angeles College of Music on behalf of Brawl’s Iggy Swango. Confirmed for the auction are a pair of ring boots autographed by King Flip, a vintage America’s Most Hated t-shirt with autographs from Dominic Sanders and Queen Melody Malone, a VIP access package including all travel accommodations to all four days of 2023’s Wrestlefest, and a custom Iggy Swango edition of the International championship with more items being announced in the days leading up to the event.

Rumors from the Locker Room

  • Posthumous Powerhouse
    • Following the tragic news at StrangleMania, the final release by Iggy Swango, Intercepted Transmissions from the Loveship Oblivion, has flown off of shelves and is sold out worldwide. Iggy’s estate has released that there are discussions about whether or not a deluxe 2 album release later on with unreleased tracks is in the cards for late 2023.
  • The Rhodes to Hardcore Revolution
    • Reigning EWC FX Broadcast champion Melinda Rhodes has been reportedly feeling invigorated after her win at StrangleMania. The 41 year old superstar is scheduled to face King Flip for the International title at Hardcore Revolution but will have her hands full on Brawl 596 as she’s set to defend her championship in a submission match against a very game member of the Shieldmaidens, Alex “Bullet” Carbajal.
  • Bad Luck Lumberjack
    • Prime’s Amber Lisa Hall is reported to be in stable condition following the brutal assault she endured in the main event of Prime 106 as a Lumberjack in the AMC Broadcast championship match between Alyson Cross and Callie Clark. Though her physical recovery is on track, the same can’t be said for her emotional recovery. Rumors are swirling that before Prime, Amber was informed that her husband had taken their kids and left their shared home. We hope Amber’s family can be with her during this difficult time.
  • Upping the Ante?
    • As announced at Paramount #30 in Boise Idaho, Ibuki Ito will take on Current North American Champion Salvation at UPRISING XXIII. Word is that GM Chris Brock is looking to make that main event extra spicy with some sort of stipulation.
  • New Horizons for a Hall of Famer
    • Ruthann has been absent from EWC programming since her match in the Hellevator at StrangleMania. Could it be that the hall of famer is finally hanging up her boots? The former Undisputed champion has been seen in league with Mercenary at her wrestling school in Brooklyn, but that’s not the only man in Ruthann’s life. Sources tell us that another man who’s been at the training facility – Dave Ishioka. Not only has he been in Brooklyn, but eagle eyed EWC fans spotted the pair cuddling up to one another at the hotel bar at StrangleMania. Could it be that Ruthann has moved onto the next chapter in her life?
  • A Queen’s Homecoming?
    • Another familiar face popped up at Paramount 30 in Boise, and that was none other than the Queen of EWC – Melody Malone. While Malone made it clear she had business on Paramount, GM Chris Brock has been tight lipped about the encounter with the former Undisputed Champion. Speculation has begun on the contract Malone is currently under,  but neither Chris Brock nor representation from Malone’s camp could confirm or deny the starlet’s status.
  • A Star is Born?
    • Critic reviews of The House’s limited docuseries on JoJo Rush titled “The Gold Rush” are in. Roger Ebbert said “Of all the documentaries I’ve seen, this is one of them.”, Dan Sallitt writes “Isn’t it too early to start calling this guy X-Division champion yet? He only won one match.”, and the Times said “Kinda mid.”.
  • Money Talks
    • Callie Clark is racking up fines like her name is Gideon Gage these days. In addition to her fines from Prime, we’ve heard that EWC’s upper management levied a hefty fine against the AMC Broadcast champion after the squabble with the interviewer in the lead up to her match with Alyson Cross resulted in a broken arm for the press member. A statement from Callie’s lawyer confirms that the fine was paid in full, but further insists they will NOT be paying the $170,000 fine levied by Prime GM Jordan Sharpe after falsely claiming it was Callie accusing Saidie of being a thief.

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